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Dosage of Liquids

At MANGRA, S.A. we build and maintain leadership positions through innovation and responsiveness, for that reason we are pioneers and leaders in the area of liquid addition and process controls for feed-mills. For the last 25 years we have been creating a group of installations and automatic controls in order to facilitate (to feed producers) the usage of the wide range of essential liquids used in all formulations or recipes for the production of compound feed. These installations and control equipments have been conceived exclusively to optimize the addition of liquids and thanks to these equipments all technical aspects involved in this type of installations are controlled from the very first moment.



Reception of raw materials
ADICOS dosage of organic acids
Line MG for fats and oils
Line MH for amino acids
Line for organic acids, mould-inhibitor, acidifiers and surfactants
AMC (automatic moisture control)
Molasses mixer
Line for molasses to molasses mixer
Molasses mixer
Pellet-press controls MIPS / MIC
Molasses to conditioner
Fat Spray
Monoblocs for aromas and flavours
Monoblocs MIDMOS for enzymes, phytase, pigments, probiotics and vitamins
Line for fats and oils post-pelleting
Post-pelleting applicators
Weighing belt
Weighing reddler
Drum (Trommel)
Double shaft paddles blender
Ribbon blender
Finished product
Line for medicaments

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