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Reception and Storage

As general norm each liquid must be transported, stored and injected to the temperature recommended by its manufacturer to facilitate its handling and to obtain an optimal and homogenous dosage.

The liquid is received and filtered in the small unloading or reception tank and is impelled from here by means of the loading pump to a storage tank.

In MANGRA, S.A. we design and manufacture small reception or unloading tanks in steel or stainless steel and also tailor made tanks for each customer in steel, stainless steel and polyester depending on the liquid to store


Due to it is very important to filter the liquid before storing it we manufacture “small reception tanks” which contain a basket type filter inside in order to retain the impurities and to avoid their way to the dosage pump.

Small reception tanks can be equipped with a heating system by means of hot water to avoid that the liquid gets stick to its walls and in addition they are designed to fulfil the strict safety norms existing in the nutrition world and they are an element more which helps to obtain a total traceability from the unloading of the liquid until their injection.



Some liquids do not need to be filtered before its storage maybe due its technical characteristics or due to its form of delivery. In these cases a fast connection between the tank and the truck is used. This connection allows a direct filling of the tank from the truck and then it is not necessary to use a small reception tank.

  • IBC

Many liquids are delivered in IBC or plastic containers of 1.000 litres. For these cases we have special KITS of connection between these IBC and our dosing machines, as well as systems and KITS for heating the IBC when it is recommended by the manufacturer to work with the provided liquid to a certain temperature.


We are specialist in the manufacture of cylindrical vertical tanks with conical base and double body in which will circulate hot water in order to maintain the liquid stored at the temperature wished or recommended by the manufacturer and to obtain in this way an optimal viscosity for a correct dosage.

It is necessary to highlight that thanks to the double body and the circulation of hot water in it a homogenous heating surface (which is bigger than the one provided by the classic coils) is obtained and this contributes to warm up the liquid at less temperature and consequently time and energy are saved.

In addition, the conical design of the tank avoids the accumulation of impurities and keeps the tank always clean


In order to warm up the water that circulates in the double body of the tank or inside the small reception tanks, different heating systems are used: steam interchangers, electrical interchangers, electrical, gas or diesel oil boilers, etc...

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