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Vertical Mixers Complet

The global solution for small farms.

MANGRA, S.A. joins to the large range of feeders a new model NUTRIFEED COMPLET.  

The design of this new machine is the result of our large experience in vertical feeders and the constant design innovation with the aim to improve the performance of our machines.

The new thing is the incorporation of a grinder for cereals in order to obtain the entire daily ration with only one machine achieving in this way the following advantages:
  • Appreciation of the home-grown cereals
  • Economical in relation to the grinding installation
  • Electrical power not needed
  • The consumption for the animals is immediate after the grinding. It avoids the vitamin oxidation during large storage periods.

The equipment is composed of a vertical grinder with a production of 4-5 T/H of meal. It allows grinding the cereal at the same time as fibrous ingredients are being loaded to be mixed in a fast and homogeneous way giving as a result a fresh and appetizing ration. The grinder has several types of grates to obtain the desired granules.


Technical specifications:

· Length 6250 mm  
· Width 2500 mm
· Height 3200 mm  

  • Programmable farm scale 20 rations x 20 ingredients with alarm
  • Electric hydraulic distributor with joy-stick controller in the tractor
  • Gearbox | 18 rpm || 33 rpm
  • Rotor grinder speed 3000 rpm
  • Meal production 4/5 T/H
  • Power 100 – 110 HP
  • Bilateral unloading made of stainless steel
  • Hydraulic shredding blades
  • Hydraulic brake
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Hopper for cereals connected to the farm scale
  • Angular main gearbox of double roller


 See technical drawing

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