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A new concept of feed for ruminants.

MANGRA, S.A. started its industrial system of mixtures in 1991 developing a new concept in the industrial fabrication of feed for ruminants.

It is a system conceived for bigger productions which at the same time is reliable and allows you to work 24 hours a day incorporating all types of products: flours, granules, seed, fibre and liquids (molasses, fats, etc...).

The quality of the mixture is unbeatable which is total homogenised in the dispersion of the liquids without breaking up the fibre. Its performance is really high producing mixtures up to 40 Tm.

Its performance with molasses mixtures of up to 10% is excellent. At the same time it allows mixtures with fibres either whole or de-hydrated without splitting it.

The higher numbers of installed machines which are operating have allowed us to develop many accessories like packing machines (bags, big bags), installation of molasses, automatic dosage, etc...

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