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About us

We are an engineering company with wide experience in agribusiness (feed-mills) and agrifood installations. We are specialists in technology, machinery and installations for the animal feeding industry.

At MANGRA, S.A. we build and maintain leadership positions through innovation and responsiveness, for that reason we are pioneers and leaders in the area of liquid addition and process controls for feed-mills. For the last 25 years we have been creating a group of installations and automatic controls in order to facilitate (to feed producers) the usage of the wide range of essential liquids used in all formulations or recipes for the production of compound feed.

We have the capacity to design, produce and install from small components to entire installations “keys in hand” for liquids which are incorporated to the different manufacturing processes of animal food.

All the experience acquired has allowed us to open new business lines such as:  

  • Vertical Mixing Plants
  • Fertilizer Mixing Plants
  • Ecological Systems. For this last line we are very proud to introduce our latest product: Underground Equipments for Selective Rubbish Collection.

Our spirit is to evolve and be able to adapt ourselves to the market needs.
We are nothing but specialists in making tailor-made products for our customers and we also guarantee an excellent after sale services.

Our success is the result of the efforts and dedication of a human and professional team highly involved without which would not have been possible to reach the leading position where we are today.

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