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MANGRA S. A. started its activity in May 1982 in the metallurgic sector, basically as an assembling and applied services company for the feed industry and mainly in the area of feed mills.

Our initial technology was focused on installations for adding fat and other liquids to the different manufacturing processes of compound feed factories and since then at MANGRA, S.A. we have not stopped innovating and creating equipments and products in order to give solutions to the demands of our customers.

The commercial policy at MANGRA SA is based on supplying equipments for the agribusiness industry with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of our clients.

Nevertheless we are conscious that the solutions to some of the problems of our customers, perhaps due to their complexity may not be reflected in our leaflets; in this case we are at complete disposal to study each case and finally altogether come up with a valid solution. We are nothing but specialist in creating tailor-made products for our clients.

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