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At MANGRA, S.A. we have a leadership and pioneer position in manufacturing control equipments and installations of different systems for feed-mills.

We can summarize our activity in two big lines:

a) Installations for adding liquids and
b) Process control systems for the manufacture of feed

At MANGRA, S.A.. at the present time we can offer a "keys in hand" installation which means that we are in charge of: the design, mechanical and electrical installation and the starting up, as well as the follow-up and after-sale service. Furthermore, our control systems always suggests you a maximum handling flexibility of the installation and simultaneously gives you the best possible information of any of the different process phases.

We think that the following table can be useful for the feed manufacturer.

On the table the different liquids that can be added in the compound feed are shown and in addition you can observe, in a schematic way, its performance and main specifications.

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